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​Extrusion process and extrusion process steps

Source:Industry news Follow:327 Date:2021-05-31 10:32:38

Extrusion process by extruding machine machine and screw for a cylinder wall, make the rubber reach the purpose of extrusion and preliminary modelling, extrusion process is also known as extrusion process.

The process is the main equipment of extruder. Several kinds of rubber extrusion characteristics:

Natural rubber extrusion speed, little shrinkage. Body temperature of 50-60 ℃, starting from 70-80 ℃, mouth 80-90 ℃;

Styrene-butadiene rubber extrusion speed and compression deformation is large, rough surface, the body temperature of 50-70 ℃, the nose temperature 70-80 ℃, the mouth temperature 100-105 ℃;

Neoprene delivery without sufficient heat, body temperature 50 ℃, mouth 70 ℃;

Ethylene propylene rubber extrusion speed, small shrinkage rate, body temperature of 60-70 ℃, the nose temperature 80-130 ℃, mouth, 90-140 ℃.

Nitrile rubber pressure out of the performance is poor, should be fully thermal refining. Body temperature of 50-60 ℃, the nose temperature 70-80 ℃.

That is related to extrusion process, extrusion process of finishing, hope everyone to extrusion process, extrusion process have a deeper understanding of, give priority to choose silicone products factory in guangdong area of shenzhen rainbow rubber plant 10 old factory professional and more efficient.

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