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​The silicone product customization production process

Source:FAQ Follow:392 Date:2021-05-31 11:07:52

The silicone product customization production process?

Based on our knowledge of the rainbow rubber products factory in shenzhen city, the silicone product customization production process can be divided into: the customer sample, engineering drawings, mold production, the production of samples, sample confessed, batch production process, quality control, after-sales service and so on custom process.

Here we introduced the silicone product customization production process:

Customer samples:

In general, customer demand supply custom silicone product sample or samples, convenient engineering custom planning drawings!

Planning blueprint:

Engineering department after receiving the customer supply the samples, to determine the size and standards, making sample plan!

Prototype mold to produce:

Through planning, engineering drawings of prototype can open announced the prototype mold!

Sample produce condition:

Sample after the completion of the mould, can produce samples, but needs a small amount of fruit, here is the check!

Sampling confession book:

Confession will produce samples to customers, assuming that there is a problem, can adjust, assuming confessed to the sample, and then mass produce!

Mass production:

Samples after admission for batch production, still need to customize according to customer demand, meet customer requirements of daily output.

Quality control:

Produce silicone products demand through rigorous quality control, to satisfied customer quality requirements.

After-sales service:

Sent to the customer the silicone product demand for after-sales consulting and quality discussion, in order to ensure that customers and factory in terms of quality and output of smooth communication.

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