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​How to distinguish inferior silicone tube?

Source:Company news Follow:384 Date:2021-06-01 12:51:12

How to distinguish inferior silicone tube?

With the development of the silicone industry, many industries are now need to use the silicone tube, in order to prevent to buy inferior silicone products, the following is a brief introduction of how to distinguish inferior silicone tube?

1, how to determine inferior silicone tube:

(1) to test the silicone elastic, silica gel is fragile, elastic, can try assuming that has good elasticity, is likely to be rubber; Assuming that the elastic is not very good, may be the silica gel.

(2) look at the color of the product, silica is colorless, transparent, to be made of transparent silicone rubber products must with silicone material.

(3) smell, rubber and latex products have strong taste, smell very pungent, some manufacturers add to cover up the taste, smell, therefore, choose the silicone material will be better.

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