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​The silicone sealing strip to properly clean job?

Source:Industry news Follow:468 Date:2021-06-01 12:56:40

Silicone sealing strip is also useful in the food processing equipment, now it needs a longer time cleaning, we know that it will be yellow or black after a period of time. Let's talk about the silicone sealing strip, how to properly conduct cleaning work?

First of all, you can use the special detergents or cleaning the inside of the tube of toothpaste to make pipe wall of dust, and then rinse with water, and boiling water for a few minutes, remove dry, and put it in the microwave oven high temperature disinfection. If not used temporarily, not exposed to the sun. In fact, cleaning silicone seal is not fantasy so messy. Since it is environmental protection and direct touch our body, it needs disinfection correct and reasonable. And, if there were more silicone sealing strip, you can directly into the washing machine, directly add bleach disinfectant to clean water or some fruit taste. The silicone sealing strip with cold resistance and high temperature resistance, so the high temperature disinfection is very convenient.

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