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​The application of silicone rubber products in the automotive industry

The silicone material as a remote control for two reasons

People often nest on the sofa, watching TV is not a few, but if anyone wondered, why most of the TV remote control button is silica gel? Zhihu has ever engaged in home appliance industry a net friend on the reasons behind some kind of analysis.

A, market reason

In before the advent of "smart TV", basic is the accessory of the television remote control, TV towards "big (screen) thin (thickness) (function)" the trend of development, there is little with the remote control as a selling point, especially the domestic household appliances market competition is intense, profit thin, most manufacturers use the lowest cost to achieve it, cause product drab. Specific to why using silicone buttons? The main or cost-effective.

Second, the product

1, early era of TV function machine, the product function is multifarious, various buttons and the palm of your hand is so big, to ensure the one-handed operation and for young and old, lead to the remote control on the crowded (usually 20 ~ 30) button and small convex button layout. (in order to guarantee the touch and feel force feedback, a single key to keep a certain gap and height) of such products form leads to less technical options.

2, TV belongs to the durable consumer goods, the remote control as the matching material of the durability of the demand is higher, such as the use of nokia's mobile phones three years full keyboard keyboard wear off paint, and the TV remote control with home button them in 78. So, silica gel remote controller has simple structure, stable quality, low maintenance rate is also a big reason.

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