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​Silicone cases in the application of electronic industry

Said to drop performance of silicone case, must belong to silicone material cases, silicone rubber material of the aseismic performance is very high, buffer and dirty can be washed. For the Air with a silica gel material cases, super drop shock, falling from one meter high, the safe. Like friends might as well focus on next.

Silica gel protective sleeve USES the import high quality environmental protection silicone rubber material produced by seiko, feel is exquisite and smooth, color bright and easy style, the most important thing is that it's earthquake prevention ability is very strong, and can be recycled, at the same time, can match the same color silicone bluetooth keyboard, silicone type more convenient. Lightweight, flexible, optimum fuselage, ergonomic design, hand feels comfortable. Open channel design, has amplification effect, strengthen the outside sound stereo feeling, without power supply, can instantly make you the volume increases.

As a dare to try new things, the pursuit of fashion and personality of young people, how can let oneself at hand of the protection shell and others "bump unlined upper garment", become a popular public face? Silicone cases in exterior design, every detail is crafted, this is the birth of the unique, exclusive first amplification function, at the same time with stent and freely, whether a movie, or chat with friends, can let users according to their own requirements, choose the right point of view, is human nature!

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