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​Silica gel products - the application of silicone tube in the health care industry

Medical silica gel products of silicone tube, generally made of unbleached silicone do not add any color, suitable for air, conveying liquid, distilled water, not suitable for conveying high concentrations of acid alkali and organic oil liquid for a long time, if you want to keep the long service life, will face in medical silicone tube rated working pressure and ambient temperature using, as temperatures rise, medical silicone tube pressure shall be reduced correspondingly, if more than limit, medical silicone tube may be broken, and if often time more than 220 degrees of fluid or liquid with strong corrosive chemical composition, can reduce medical silicone tube service life, there will be a tube rupture. Medical silicone tube can be placed in the air for more than 10 years there will not be the tube the ageing phenomenon such as cracking, although for a long time storage in humid air can make the tube surface in vitro will be yellow, but will not affect medical silicone tube using performance.

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