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​Household daily use the tableware of silicone material

Plate is always gives the impression of ceramic or stainless steel material, more and more along with the application of silicone rubber, kitchen supplies, there is a lot of silicone products.

Japanese household products, to create the sense that gives a person is concise, simple and natural. Simple material, simple design, natural flavor. Always, simple is beautiful, so even if such simple household design product can give a person leave deep impression.

Small make up today to introduce affirmation and Japanese design cannot leave, but not just explain its design is simple, but because of its material, silicon rubber

The impression of tableware, not ceramics is stainless steel, this is almost all common material. But Japan's tamura nai hui designers a dinner set of known as the "four seasons", the material is silicone.

Not afraid, this is a set of tableware, safety and health don't have to worry about. The design from the fallen leaves. The appearance of it with real leaves, each "piece" plate elastic, and more useful. Also, you will find that it can be rolled up, so you don't have to worry about no place to put the tableware. Roll up deposit very save space. The whole design is very simple, but flowed out natural taste, long aftertaste letting a person.

Practical and safe product, plus elegant design, let a person shine at the moment, silicone rubber material is qualitative soft, flexible, bendable, not easy to deformation. Relatively stable chemical properties. At 60 ℃ to 250 ℃ between stable, of course also should choose the silicone raw materials have quality assurance.

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