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​What the difference between food grade silicone products

Source:Company news Follow:433 Date:2021-06-01 12:52:27

Do you know how to distinguish whether silica gel products for food grade product?

Silica gel products is now one of the most popular product, because the silica gel products have been widely applied in each profession. However, because of the broad vision of the silicone products, many people began to produce silicone products, which makes the quality of the silicone products is uneven. Food grade silicone products are completely non-toxic tasteless, does not contain any chemical residue. This kind of product is generally used in direct or indirect contact with the product and the human body, such as baby, silica gel bottles, silicone kitchenware, silicone nipple silica gel plates, silica gel bowl, etc. Food is environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless food grade silicone product characteristic, the feature is different with different problems. General grade and food grade silica gel, as well as food grade silicone material, can enter the oral and body products will not cause discomfort and sensitive, and conform to the testing and certification standards.

Identifying whether the silicone products due to there are many ways of food grade silicone material, can according to the properties of some silicone products to distinguish:

1, stretching the springback is restored to the original level;

2, long stretch of whether there is a white phenomenon present;

3, after tightening can immediately regain strength;

4, feel is good, must have patience and have the strength;

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