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​Silicone tube products in use process will explode edge

Source:Industry news Follow:442 Date:2021-05-31 11:10:56

Silicone tube products in use process will explode edge?

In fact, under what circumstances, using silicone tube will cause some problems. This does not mean that this kind of silicone product yield can be used anywhere, but does not necessarily apply to all pipe industry. Of course, we also often encountered this kind of situation, as a customer, he bought a silicone tube, using outside the villa. He used the silicone tube, and replace the surrounding aluminum tube. But, let's not be replaced. But the silicone tube, while can be applied in bad environment, but only in the absence of artificial, beside the road equipment and use are different.

The silicone tube outdoor more risk than indoor silicone tube. The cause of pipe burst disturbance is more, most commonly. The most serious issue is driver to silicone tube smashed handlebar; The second is material problem, want to know is hard and soft silicone tube. For two kinds of types, two kinds of pipe material, different material, after all, in addition to artificial blasting side, there are other for one reason, is the material and produce problems. In this way, when the temperature rise too much, the product of a silicone edge easy to explode. First, if the temperature is too low, pipe forming will be a small white spot, cause long time use.

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