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​The application of silicone rubber products in the automotive industry

The application of organic silicon in the car have?

Organic silicon application in the automobile electronic device are: adhesive and sealant, potting glue, gel, insulation coatings, such as thermal conductive adhesive materials. These materials are used to protect the engine control module, the ignition line sha-lu and ignition module, power system module, the braking system module, emissions control module, power supply system, lighting system, all kinds of sensors, connectors, and so on. Adhesive and sealant: used in all kinds of control module, as a bonding fixed on the circuit board components, or for large components, such as capacitor, inductor, and coil do auxiliary fixed to prevent components due to vibration and fall off, have the functions of fixed and vibration reduction. Also used as module shell bonding and sealing, sealing, moistureproof, anti-fouling, corrosion protective function. If use thermal conductivity adhesive, adhesive and heat dissipation function at the same time, can be used in the fixed power device or adhesive hot plate to glue and the heat dissipation function. Dow corning DC7091 in all kinds of control module shell sealing, connector glued it has been widely used. Engine control module between the circuit board and aluminum radiator shell adhesive is a typical application of the thermal conductivity adhesive, dow corning 1-9226 thermal conductive adhesive are very popular

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